Back to the beginning….

I don’t really remember how many years back my old website stretched but it was a few…. enough to cover my time living in three continents. I found out, to my horror, a few months ago that my website was down. To be fair I hadn’t touched it in months and I hadn’t posted to it in years. Anyway, the database with all the posts is still there and I backed up and downloaded all the files on the web server. In theory, I could fix it,  restore everything and resurrect it. I doubt that is going to happen.

So here it is. A fresh start. In a way that suits me just fine. It’s a funny old thing having a blog. Facebook (and other social media) made sharing your thoughts online so much more convenient and, well, social. Maybe keeping a blog can be another way I can show my age and live up to the dinosaur I feel like sometimes.

I will add a post with what’s been going on in my life the last few years. I also am going to write a post or two to post at a future date with things I want to write about but want to wait until the right time. Mysteries.. it’s boring, dear Reader, or I should say Writer since it’s just me reading the bloody thing, trust me.